Why choose us? 

At Llordan Diesel, a service is not just an oil and filter change. We believe in performing a safety checklist to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly and safely. We are able to identify any potential problems and advise the best solution to rectify.

Our technicians are experienced in both petrol and diesel engines. Llordan Diesel are experts on servicing and maintaining all types of vehicles, 4×4, trucks, buses, motorhomes, backhoes and any type of machinery. We also offer engine rebuilds, diesel pump and injection servicing, brake and clutch repairs, differential rebuilding and ratio changes, air conditioning repairs/re-gassing, auto electrical repairs, suspension repairs, fleet servicing, gearbox overhauls and much more.

Our computer program is extensive and able to store information and history of all vehicles and equipment.

At Llordan Diesel we go the extra step to ensure customer service is at its best. Communicating with you, our client, is of utmost importance. Our prices are competitive and realistic.

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